Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Overlaps & Costumiers!

(c) Jesper Ejsing

Muddy Colors is a group blog contributed by some of the greats in the fantasy art and painting world. Jesper Ejsing just put up a post today about the importance of overlap in drawings, and it was a good reminder & overview regardless of whatever kind of illustration you're doing!
Here's the post on Muddy Colors!


Christian Lacroix is a well-known couture fashion designer (you've probably already seen some of his clothes on Apparently there is an exhibition in Singapore of his work as a costume designer for various theater productions--I stumbled on photos of some of his drawings and they are fantastic!
Christian Lacroix Costumier

Saturday, September 3, 2011

A note about your assignment, & inspiration!

When you turn in your sketches on the 12th, you are definitely free to create separate color studies for your sketches (instead of putting the color directly onto your sketches). It's up to you! James Gurney is a big fan of color studies, here's a couple of his loose painted ones:

And, for some inspiration for your eyeballs, here's Dadu Shin's amazing tumblr of fashion sketches. It really shows how playing with volume in clothes can have a huge visual impact:

(c) Dadu Shin

See you on the 12th!!